Guesthouse visitors are served a hearty English breakfast with choice options. Although we are available to serve you earlier, breakfast in the restaurant is between 8 and 11am daily.


We invite you to try our Igufa Coffee, a custom blend that’s a true representation of quality Ugandan coffee.


Several espresso based beverages with frothed milk or not. A fresh aroma fills the room every morning as the day’s buz starts to build up.

$1.99 >

Ugandan Tea

Grown on Uganda’s rich arable land,our tea is second to non. Have it spiced or not, iced or otherwise.

$1.80 >

Fresh Juice

Made using available fruit in season, juice options include; passion, orange, pineapple, watermelon, mango, cocktail and more…

$2.80 >

Ugandan Street Food

Our Rolex is made with a range of farm fresh ingredients. Let’s wow you with our signature twist to this popular meal.



Baked in-house, the sweet and salty options on display provide for an ideal tea break bite.

$1.50 >


Adventurous? Try something new from our selection of local brews – this usually turns out to be fun. Imported beer is available too.

$1.80 >

Lunch & Dinner

Order room service or join us in the restaurant for a generous serving of your choice meal. A few client favourites below.


Our in-house receipie combines farm fresh ingredients to offer probably the tastiest pizzas you have had.


Chicken Shish Kebabs

Skewered chicken fillet cubes with peppers. These tasty marinates are great with chips, plantain or wedges.



The restaurant offers a number of vegetarian options including currys, sandwiches and more.

$7.00 >

Goat Muchomo

A popular traditional African BBQ made from marinated goat meat.


Manhattan Steak

A sumptuous grilled meaty steak cooked to your liking in mushroom
and black pepper sauce.


Whole Fish

Fresh Tilapia fish prepared with a Ugandan touch from the world’s second largest fresh water lake – Lake Vitoria.


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